10 YouTube Channels Better Than RMRS? (2023)

I love YouTube.

And I love my channel.

I'm proud of the brand I've built and the whole team behind it.

But I have a confession to make:

Do I think mychannel's the best?Nope.

Don't get me wrong. RMRS has done pretty well over the years.

(We didn't just randomly end up with 1.7M subscribers)

But there's always another channel that's better in some way…

…and there's always something I can do better.

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Like what, you ask? Have a look at these 10 men's style YouTube channels which (for one reason or another) are better than mine.

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Click Here To Watch The Video – 10 Awesome Style YouTubers

StyleYouTube Channel #1 –Alex Costa

Can you imagine a guy who's handsome but also super smart, dresses well, knows how to keep in shape, and has a career at Google? Sounds like the total package! That's Alex Costa.

The thing about Alex is he's got a proven eye for style. He offers solid advice for men backed by a well-thought process. His topics range from fashion tips, casual outfits, hair tutorials, workout routines, healthy snack ideas, and tech reviews.

When it comes to men'sstyle, he walks what he talks, using images of himself perfectly well. Here's one video he has onlooking your best in every picture, which we all know is pretty useful in this age of selfies and Tinder profiles.

StyleYouTube Channel #2 –Robin James (Man For Himself)

Robin has taught me a lot about video scripting and layouts since we met up in London. All of his videos are put together amazingly well, with the kind of scripts I can only dream of knowing how to write.

Check out his channel Man For Himself for grooming tips, style and lifestyle videos, and “Overhyped” brand discussions. You'll also find outthe worst haircut Robin ever gotand whether he got it fixed.

StyleYouTube Channel #3 – BeerBiceps

I'm a big fan of men who were able to transform themselves in a “zero to hero” fashion. I consider Ranveer of BeerBiceps a great example of this. He used to be quite big but then dedicated himself to losing weight and hitting the gym. He's been sharing his story ever since.

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Ranveer's YouTube channel is one of the best when it comes to fitness expertise and life coaching. He also gives advice on men's style and clothing. Here's his guide to fragrances and perfumes for men (mainly for Indians but it can also benefit guys from anywhere else).

StyleYouTube Channel #4 –Based Zeus

Who would've thought theOlympian god Zeus would be a go-to source for men's style and self-improvement? That's apparently the case for Based Zeus.

I have to warn you: Zeus doesn't exactly talk like I do on my channel. He tends to be a bit raunchy and throws in a few crude jokes in his videos. He's quite the entertainer, perhaps a little rough around the edges, but the content is quite good. Check out his video onhow to instantly have a better-looking face. It's very educational.

StyleYouTube Channel #5 – Theo and Harris

Christian over at Theo and Harris is a great presenter. He's smart and well-spoken, which is why I'm thrilled that he'll be coming to this year's Menfluential.

Few people know as much as he does about the watch industry, in particular vintage watches. Check out this video of his on how to buy some of thebest everyday watches under $1,000. His channel is definitely worth a look if you're either in the market for a new watch or you just want to learn more about them.

StyleYouTube Channel #6 – Sangiev

If you've watched and read enough of my content, you know that I'm all about classic men's style as a means to personal and professional success. But that doesn't mean I want to discourage you from going the vintage route, nor that I'm always against streetwear or fashion-forward clothing.

Interested in either of those niche markets? Then Sangiev is the guy for you. He'll teach you everything you want to know and his presentation is always slick and polished. Seriously – his videos are worth watching for their visual appeal alone.

For those of you who live in or travel to the UK, he has a video onshopping in BLITZ London, which Time Out London ranks as the city's best vintage shop.

StyleYouTube Channel #7 –BluMaan

Am I the best person to ask for hair advice? Nope. I usually keep my hair short and avoid drastic changes in my styling of it. I know what works for me and I stick to it. But guess what? I can tell you who has the best hair on the Internet: Joe over at BluMaan.

(Video) Kids vs Doctor 💊 | Amazing DIY Ideas and Parenting Hacks by Gotcha!

Joe knows hair like the back of his head (or maybe even better). His YouTube channel is amassive collection of hair andgroomingtips, tutorials, product reviews, and style hauls. Considering changing up your hairdo? Start with the3 easy men's hairstylesthat Joe recommends.

StyleYouTube Channel #8 – Charisma On Command

Believe it or not, person-to-person communication still matters these days! And if you're used to just chatting via text all the time, don't be surprised if you think you're not a great talker, let alone a charismatic one.

Thank goodness for Charlie from Charisma on Command. He's got the most enlightening videos on YouTube dealing with things like communication, self-confidence, and body language – all equipped with an insane amount of research. Charlie will be your mentor for how to get ahead in life through developing charisma.

I also love how he brings intrending topics for his instructional videos likehow to stay cool during an argument (which analyzed the Jordan Peterson and Cathy Newman debate).We've all had conversations where the other person seems to twist our words, causing us to snap back and lose their respect. Charlie breaks down some common tricks to prevent this. He shows you how to reverse the situation to come out a winner.

StyleYouTube Channel #9 – Jeremy Fragrance

Did you know that 80% of men don’t regularlyuse a fragrance or cologne? Not that I criticize anyone who doesn't. It can feel daunting if youdon’t know where to start, which scents to prioritize, or what all the terminologies mean. You might worry that the cologne you choose will make you smell bad, which I completely understand.

Any of the above true for you? My friend Jeremy can help you out! He lives and breathes fragrances. He pronounces every brand, ingredient, and name impeccably. I even go to his channel when I'm working on a piece about men's colognes to make sure I've got the info right.

Jeremy knows how important fragrance is when you want to exude confidence anywhere and be more attractive. In fact, his video on the10 most complimented men's fragrances has been quite a hit lately, and with good reason. Have a look.

StyleYouTube Channel #10 – Gentleman's Gazette

Gentleman's Gazettehas a longstanding and well-deserved reputation as a top men's style website. Sven Raphael Schneider (GG's founder) is now using YouTube to reach out to a wider audience, which I'm happy about. Their goal is to compress 5 years' and 700+ articles' worth of knowledge into digestible videos: primers, how-to guides, product reviews, etc.

I've always admired how they get into the finest details of style, so it's great that they're bringing in more visuals and videos. Check out Sven's recent video on a list of 16 Things That Are Better The Old-Fashioned Way. If you want guidance on dandy or vintage outfits, this is the channel to visit.

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Bonus StyleYouTube Channel: Teaching Men's Fashion

Brothers Jose and Juan Zuniga are two fine fellows who've been making their mark on the men's style industry. It's clear they work hard – Jose with his studies and business endeavors and Juan with his law career. So even I'm amazed at where they are now. Their channel has over 2 million subscribers, and with good reason.

The channel's title is self-explanatory. Their videos provide clear and practical lessons on men's fashion, grooming, and lifestyle, as well as gentlemen's gear and tech. Jose has an admirable hands-on approach, always filming or taking photos of himself with the items he talks about (something I have to work on).

Not sure where to start? Try watching this recent video ongrooming secrets which will make you more handsome as you age. Jose does like to plan ahead.

Bonus StyleYouTube Channel: Alpha M

The man behind this channel needsno introduction. He's a stand-up character and an inspiration to many of his colleagues in the style industry, including me.

He works harder than any YouTuber or entrepreneur I've ever met. He's the one and only Aaron Marino of Alpha M. He's a dear friend and a man I'll always be learning from.

Aaron launched Alpha M with the vision of helping men from all walks of life to improve their style and personal image. He maintains that passion today, whether he's reviewing skin-care products or teaching you how toboost your confidence. Spend 10 minutes browsing his channel and you'll see how much hecares about his customers and fans. Keep up the great work, buddy!

Why am I sharing this list? For two reasons: (1) to refer you to other fantastic men's style sources since RMRS is only a speck of this industry, and (2) to remind myself where to go so I can get better.

Think about it. How does the second-best Olympic swimmer in the world improve himself? He's second in the ranks for a reason. It could be that the best swimmer is simply better in one specific area. It could be slightly quicker feet. Or an extra hour of practice each week.

That's the mindset I have and suggest for you if you also aspire to greatness. There's always someone who's better than you at something. For this reason, I've developed the habits of eating aslice of humble pie, giving credit where it's due, then being hungry to learn and grow. All the time. For me, that's the key to long-term success.

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