ChatGPT has an official app now. You can even talk to it. (2023)


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For many who gab with ChatGPT, their conversations mainly live in browser tabs on their phones or computers. Now, there's another way to talk to OpenAI's clever large-language model.

This week, OpenAI released a ChatGPT app meant for use on iPhones and iPads. (An Android version will be released later.) It’s free and syncs with your chat history, and you can even talk to it — sort of. While you can blurt out things for the app to transcribe and respond to, the experience is pretty basic; in other words, don’t expect it to talk back at you like Siri or Alexa.

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As with any launch, this one comes with some caveats: There’s no access to OpenAI’s latest and greatest large language model — GPT-4 — which requires a monthly subscription. (If you’re just trying to get a feel for how these AI-powered bots work, don’t even think about paying.)


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But for many people, the lure of a free, simple app offering access to a seriously sophisticated chatbot will be hard to resist. Our advice? Have fun with it, but keep these questions in mind before you download anything.

Which ChatGPT app is the real one?

The official app is just called “ChatGPT,” and its icon in the App Store — and on your homescreen — is a black-and-white version of OpenAI’s floral logo. It’s free and there is no “In-App Purchases” label anywhere on its App Store listing.

Accept no substitutes.

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What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT has stunned users because it can generate fluid language, complete novels, computer code and poems. Chatbots are trained on troves of internet data, from Reddit conversations to digital books, finding patterns in the information to imitate speech. They answer questions from prompts, like an advanced form of instant messenger.

What does GPT mean?

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GPT stands for “generative pre-trained transformer.” “Generative,” meaning that it uses AI to create things. “Pre-trained,” means that it has already taught using a large amount of data. And “Transformer” is a powerful type of neural network that can process language.

What is OpenAI?

OpenAI is the San Francisco AI start-up and research lab behind ChatGPT and image generator Dall-E. It launched as a nonprofit to build “artificial general intelligence” outside of big tech’s control. But it’s become a major corporate player, and is now for-profit, working with companies including Microsoft and Salesforce.


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It might sound like we’re being a little fussy, but there’s a good reason for that: Punch “ChatGPT” into the App Store’s search box and you’ll find loads of results, many of which proudly proclaim that they’re “powered by ChatGPT.” And that’s technically true — software creators are allowed to build apps and features that rely on OpenAI’s language models. (Snapchat’s love-it-or-hate-it MyAI system is one example.)

But developers trying to tap into the AI hype cycle with chat apps of their own have to pay to tap into ChatGPT, which means they have to pass that cost onto you. That often happens in the form of subscription fees, and at least a few of these app developers try to get that money from you with free trial schemes that can feel a little scummy.

Is ChatGPT listening to you?

Tap the tiny dictation button inside the app’s text field for messages, and you can recite a question or prompt out loud for ChatGPT to chew on. But is it listening to more than that?


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We get the anxiety — despite the evidence that suggests our phones aren’t constantly listening to us, finding reasons to feel otherwise doesn’t take long. (After having a jokey chat with my partner this week about cremation, I started getting ads for funeral pamphlets.)

From what we’ve seen so far, there’s little to suggest the ChatGPT app is listening to you more intently than any other app on your phone. It helps that you have to manually start and stop a voice recording for transcription — that can help make sure that only the things you want to be heard ultimately get converted into text.

That said, OpenAI’s speech recognition feature doesn’t work if you’re not connected to the internet, which suggests that your voice recordings are quickly being shuttled to a server for processing. (OpenAI didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.) That’s not necessarily a dealbreaker — many older smart speakers did the same — but that may not feel right to everyone.


Thankfully, there’s a workaround. Most newer iPhones perform speech recognition directly on-device, so you can use iOS’s built-in Dictation feature to transcribe your requests without sending recordings of your voice anywhere.

What does this mean for your privacy?

For all the attention the app has received since it launched, ChatGPT on your iPhone doesn't feel all that different from using it inside a web browser.

And unless you were really excited about playing with that speech-to-text feature, there isn't a huge benefit in using the app compared to chatting on OpenAI's website.

But you should be careful all the same. While OpenAI has told The Washington Post in the past that it doesn’t use chatbot interactions to build profiles of its users or for advertising, it still hangs onto the messages you send it to further train its language models. In other words, you absolutely shouldn’t disclose any sensitive or deeply personal information while using ChatGPT — something OpenAI warns you about up front.


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There’s one more thing about the app that gives us a little pause. If you don’t want OpenAI to save your chats and use them to further train those language models, there’s a “chat history and model training” option you can manually disable. After you do that, OpenAI will only hold onto your conversations for 30 days before they’re deleted permanently.

It doesn’t feel great that you’re not opted out of model training by default, but here’s the kicker: You can’t turn that feature off inside the app at all. You can only do it when you’re logged into the ChatGPT website, which isn’t made clear to people who sign up and use the service through the app. (OpenAI didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment about this, either.)

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Does ChatGPT have an official app? ›

According to social media expert Katie Lance, OpenAI has unveiled its official iOS application for ChatGPT, the company's AI chatbot, allowing you to create content while you're out and about.

Is ChatGPT available in the App Store? ›

Details: ChatGPT for iOS, available from Apple's App Store, functions largely the same as the Web version, with the addition of speech input support using Whisper, OpenAI's open-source speech-recognition system.

Is there a ChatGPT app for iOS? ›

Available for both iPhones and iPads, the free app allows you to use the popular AI chatbot in a much simpler, easier way than ever before. No more messing with the mobile website or trying to fiddle with uncertain third-party apps — just download the official ChatGPT application, and you're good to go.

How do I get the ChatGPT app? ›

On desktop, there are a couple of ways to install ChatGPT, though. First, you can navigate to the ChatGPT website and save it as a Windows app through Edge. Go to the site, click the ellipsis menu, and hover over Apps. Select Install this site as an app to load ChatGPT from your desktop.

Is ChatGPT no longer free? ›

Since the natural language processing model is still in its research and "learning" preview phase, people can use it for free; all you need is to register for a free OpenAI account, though there is an option to upgrade to a paid membership.

What ChatGPT app is best? ›

Top apps for Android and iOS
  • ChatGod for Android.
  • Aico AI Chat for Android.
  • Wisdom Ai — Your AI Assistant for iOS.
  • Write For Me — Chat AI Chatbot for iOS.
  • Wiz AI Chat Bot Writing Helper for iOS.
  • Frank: The AI Chat Assistant for iOS.
  • Chatsonic.
  • Jasper Chat.

Which ChatGPT app is free? ›

The name is Open AI Chat GPT. It's only available in the Apple App Store for iPhones and iPads. But an Android version is coming and will be available in the Google Play Store soon. The official Chat GPT app is free.

How to install mod apk in iPhone? ›

How to use an APK file on an iOS device?
  1. Download an APK file you want to install in the IPA format.
  2. Install Cydia Impactor to sign in to your Apple account to use the IPA file.
  3. Connect your iPhone using either a Windows or a macOS.
  4. Now launch the Cydia Impactor application.

Is mSpy on iOS? ›

What devices is mSpy compatible with? The app can be used on Android or iOS devices, but there are some limitations. For Android users, you need to be using version 4 or something newer.

What is the original ChatGPT app? ›

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot developed by OpenAI and released in November 2022. The "Chat" in the name is a reference to it being a chatbot, and the "GPT" stands for generative pre-trained transformer—a type of large language model (LLM).

Where is the hidden app iPhone? ›

All you need to do is swipe down from the middle of your Home screen to access Spotlight. Then, just type in the hidden app's name in the search bar. If you have the app installed, you'll be able to tap on the icon to open it.

Is ChatGPT app free? ›

Yes, ChatGPT can be used for free on any Android device, this includes Android tablets, notebooks, and smartphones.

How much does ChatGPT cost? ›

OpenAI's ChatGPT is free to use, and anyone can do so. This free version does come with some drawbacks for now.

Why is ChatGPT not working? ›

There are various reasons why ChatGPT may not be working for you. A common cause stems from a bunch of users trying to use the chatbot at the same time. Usually, this leads to a server overload issue (capacity problem), where many people get locked out of the site.

Do you have to pay for ChatGPT now? ›

As we said above, ChatGPT is free - for now. OpenAI has launched a new paid option for it that basically acts like priority access, allowing you to skip waiting times and get earlier access to new features for $20 a month.

Is ChatGPT safe to use? ›

ChatGPT is generally considered safe to use thanks to the numerous security measures, data handling practices, and privacy policies implemented by its developers. However, like any technology, ChatGPT is not immune to security concerns and vulnerabilities.

What are the benefits of ChatGPT? ›

What are the benefits of ChatGPT? With ChatGPT, you can automate repetitive tasks and improve customer engagement by using AI-powered text-based artificial intelligence. Through the use of natural language processing algorithms, it recognizes and responds to rudimentary questions accurately.

What is the difference between chatbot and ChatGPT? ›

Differences between Chatbot and ChatGPT

✅Personalization and Sophistication: Chatbots are typically pre-programmed with a limited set of responses, whereas ChatGPT is capable of generating responses based on the context and tone of the conversation. This makes ChatGPT more personalized and sophisticated than chatbots.

What is the difference between ChatSonic and ChatGPT? ›

ChatSonic was released in 2020, while ChatGPT-4 is a newly released chatbot with advanced features. ChatSonic is a rule-based chatbot platform and recently introduced machine learning, while ChatGPT-4 is a language model that uses deep learning algorithms to generate natural language responses.

Who owns ChatGPT? ›

Chat GPT is owned and developed by OpenAI, a leading artificial intelligence research and deployment company based in San Francisco that was launched in in November 202. It is built on top of OpenAI's GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 families of large language models (LLMs).

Is there a ChatGPT app for Android? ›

The ChatGPT service is accessible via Android devices, just as it is on desktop or laptop computers – via the OpenAI ChatGPT page. There are some 'GPT' apps on the Google Play Store.

What does ChatGPT stand for? ›

Chat GPT stands for Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer and was developed by an AI research company, Open AI. It is an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot technology that can process our natural human language and generate a response.

Is Chatsonic better than ChatGPT? ›

Natural Language Processing: Advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology is used by Chatsonic to better deliver results and accurately translate customer inquiries. Although ChatGPT also uses NLP, Chatsonic's accuracy is higher.

Is Jasper chat free? ›

Jasper Chat is included in all plans including Creator which starts at just $39/mo. You can generate unlimited images at 2k high resolution without a watermark. Start your free 7-day trial today to begin creating art with AI.

What is the best ChatGPT app for iPhone? ›

Best ChatGPT apps for iPhone

AI Buddy is a GPT-3 powered AI chatbot. Similar to ChatGPT, you can chat with the AI bot, asking it any question your heart desires but discreetly within WhatsApp. This mobile app has a monthly subscription of $16, giving you up to 500 conversations a month.

How to install an APK? ›

How to Install an APK File on Android
  1. Open your Android device's file explorer app. ...
  2. Locate your APK file in your file explorer app and select it.
  3. The APK installer menu will appear—tap Install. ...
  4. Allow time for the app to install.
  5. Tap Done or Open once the installation is complete.
Jun 1, 2022

How to convert an APK to IPA? ›

IPA files are iOS applications. APK files are Android apps. The two are written for a different operating systems running on different hardware. There is no converter for this.

How to open APK file in Android? ›

Since APK files come in compressed ZIP format, any ZIP decompression tool can open it. So, for viewing the contents of an APK file, all you have to do is rename its extension to . zip and open it. Or, you can open it directly through an open dialogue box of a zip application.

Do any spy apps work on iPhone? ›

mSpy — Overall, the best iPhone spy app for discreet and comprehensive real-time monitoring of the target user's device activity — both online and offline. EyeZy — A reputable, hiddle mobile monitoring app that boasts keyword alerts and discreet remote functionality for as little as $9.99/month.

What is the free iPhone spy app without jailbreaking? ›

mSpy — The best iPhone spy app with no jailbreak required in 2023, which comes with plenty of features for device control.

Can someone spy on my iPhone without me knowing? ›

There is a way someone can monitor your mobile phone without ever touching the actual device. Spyware (a portmanteau of 'spying software) and stalkerware can be installed on a phone without the owner's knowledge, allowing an attacker to steal information, track activity, and more.

How do you tell if an app is disguised? ›

How to Find Hidden Apps in the App Drawer
  1. From the app drawer, tap the three dots in the upper-right corner of the screen.
  2. Tap Hide apps.
  3. The list of apps that are hidden from the app list displays. If this screen is blank or the Hide apps option is missing, no apps are hidden.
Jan 24, 2023

What is Pixaloop app? ›

Enlight Pixaloop is a free multimedia application from Lightricks Ltd. It's a photo animation app that allows users to animate all kinds of elements in their photos. They can even move the elements in different directions simultaneously to create a unique effect.

Does ChatGPT give the same answer to everyone? ›

No, ChatGPT does not give the exact same answer and wording to everyone who asks the same question. While it may generate similar responses for identical or similar queries, it can also produce different responses based on the specific context, phrasing, and quality of input provided by each user.

What is the other app like ChatGPT? ›

30 Best ChatGPT Alternatives That Will Blow Your Mind
  • Chatsonic.
  • OpenAI playground.
  • Jasper Chat.
  • Bard AI.
  • LaMDA (Language Model for Dialog Applications)
  • Socratic.
  • Bing AI.
  • DialoGPT.
May 12, 2023

What is the official ChatGPT website? ›

The official website for Chat GPT is . Here, you can find information about the chatbot, its features, and how it works.

Is it safe to install ChatGPT? ›

There are a few things you should be wary of when using the AI chatbot, however. According to the developers, ChatGPT does have the potential to produce biased and harmful content.

Will ChatGPT replace programmers? ›

The short answer is no, ChatGPT will not replace programmers entirely. However, it has the potential to automate some aspects of programming, such as code generation, bug fixing, and documentation. ChatGPT can learn from vast amounts of code and data, making it possible to generate new code similar to existing code.

Is there a Google app like ChatGPT? ›

Google Bard is a ChatGPT alternative. It's a conversational AI chatbot that uses PaLM 2, a large language model that Google unveiled in 2023 (upgrading its previous models which have been around longer). It basically generates responses to your queries and prompts.

How much will ChatGPT cost? ›

ChatGPT Plus was announced at the end of January 2023 and in relation to ChatGPT Pro would be one of the lower-cost plans. You can get access to this paid version of ChatGPT for a monthly subscription of $20.

What is ChatGPT used for? ›

Chat GPT is a powerful natural language processing tool that has become popular for its ability to generate human-like responses to text prompts. It can be used for various applications, including answering questions, completing tasks, and conversing.

Is Chat GTP safe to use? ›

Chat GPT and other AI tools are a security threat because they can be used to impersonate humans and carry out conversations that appear to be human-like. This can be used to trick people into revealing sensitive information or carrying out malicious actions.

Why does ChatGPT ask for a phone number? ›

ChatGPT doesn't accept VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) numbers, which means you'll need an active mobile number to verify your account.

Which jobs can ChatGPT replace? ›

Jobs At Risk of Being Replaced by ChatGPT
  • Mathematicians.
  • Interpretators and Translators.
  • Poets, Lyricists, and Creative Writers.
  • Web Designers.
  • News Analysts, Reporters, and Journalists.
  • Lawyers and Paralegals.
  • Accountants and Auditors.
  • Teachers.
May 2, 2023

Will ChatGPT replace data scientists? ›

While AI language models like ChatGPT can generate text and perform certain data analysis tasks, they cannot replace the expertise and creativity of a human data scientist. It is very unlikely that ChatGPT or any other AI models can replace data science job completely.


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