French Market Express (2023)

French Market Express (1)


Main Menu


Shell-on Boiled Shrimp

accompanied by our homemade cocktail sauce, lemon wedges and saltines

  • 1/2 Lb. $7.99
  • 1lb. $11.99

Oysters On The Half Shell

fresh from the gulf, served on ice or steamed with cocktail sauce, lemon wedges and saltines (1/2 doz. and 1 doz.)

  • Market Price

Chicken Liver Pate


a velvety smooth blend of liver, sherry, butter, a hint of onion and lightly seasoned. served with homemade toasted bread


whole crawfish boiled by cajuns in breaux bridge, la. we fly them in fresh, serve them hot with melted butter or chilled with cocktail sauce, lemon wedges and saltines

  • 1 Lb. $8.29
  • 2 Lb. $14.89

Andouille Sausage And Cheese


served with provolone and cheddar cheeses and saltines. this special treat is smoked and spicy, straight from louisiana

Crab Chop


a 4 oz. portion of our signature dish served with lemon wedges and tartar sauce

Crawfish Or Alligator Popcorn


dipped in spicy batter, deep fried and served with sherry wine sauce


shrimp, “cure 81” ham, andouille sausage, rice and cajun vegetables in a tomato sauce

  • 8 Oz Cup $4.49
  • 16 Oz. Bowl $8.49

Red Beans And Rice

a new orleans tradition. we chop ham and andouille sausage and add to red beans, spice it up good, and top with diced green onions

  • 8 Oz Cup $4.39
  • 16 Oz. Bowl $7.69

Marinated Shrimp


¼ lb of shrimp, marinated in a creole mustard, tarragon and red pepper sauce served on leaf lettuce with saltines

Creole File Gumbo

our special blend of shrimp, crab, fish, chicken, beef, vegetables, sausage, rice and more seasonings than we can list

  • 8 Oz Cup $4.79
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  • 16 Oz. Bowl $8.99

She Crab Soup

crabmeat and crab roe with a creamy base, sherry and creme fresh

  • 8 Oz Cup $5.29
  • 16 Oz. Bowl $9.19

Oyster And Artichoke Soup

tender oysters and artichoke hearts with cream, sherry, herbs and seasoning

  • 8 Oz Cup $5.19
  • 16 Oz. Bowl $8.99

Soup Sampler


a tasting of our seafood gumbo, oyster and artichoke soup and our she crab soup

Oyster Bar Sampler


in tasting proportions: peel and eat shrimp, boiled crawfish and oysters on the half shelf

Vegetarian Kabobs

two skewers of grilled seasonal vegetables served with rice


Shrimp Or Crawfish Pontchartrain

a chilled presentation of four mized greens with shrimp or crawfish in our special dressing (its like thousand island, only better) garnished with eggs, tomatoes and black olives

  • Shrimp $9.99
  • Crawfish $10.29

Beef Tenderloin


grilled beef bits served chilled on mixed greens with assorted garnishes

Mixed Greens


a salad of tossed fresh greens of the season

Spinach Salad


spinach with sauteed onions, mandarin oranges, pine nuts and bleu cheese crumbles served with our bacon, egg and lemon dressing

Jims Caesar


chef beck’s creation topped with your choice of soft-shelled crab, oysters, chicken or shrimp

Shrimp Or Crawfish Remoulade

with avocado or artichoke(seasonal) new orleans-style sauce with delicious shrimp or crawfish, capers and a hint of tarragon

  • Shrimp $9.99
  • Crawfish $10.79
  • With Artichoke - Add $5.89

Dinner Features - Seafood

poached, grilled or blackened king salmon served with our veggie medley

Shrimp Or Oyster Dinner (fried Or Grilled)


a french market grille favorite, served with homemade cocktail sauce, creole tartar sauce and rice


Lobster Tails (two 5 Oz. Tails)


broiled with lemon, drawn butter and served with potatoes

Blackened Grouper


a most popular entree, seared in an iron skillet and served with buttered new potatoes and sauteed onions

Sesame Tuna


an 8 oz. marinated tuna filet coated with black and white sesame seeds grilled and served over cajun mashed potatoes with our veggie medley

Shrimp Or Crawfish Etouffee

an uncommon dish made with shrimp served with cajun-style in our sauce made from brown roux, celery, onion and butter, served over rice

  • Shrimp $18.99
  • Crawfish $19.99

Marinated Cajun Catfish


well-seasoned, fried and served with rice, also available broiled

Scallops Fried Or Grilled


served with seasoned rice, tartar sauce and lemon wedges

Shrimp Creole Orleans


shrimp in a creole sauce with green peppers, tomato and onions, served over rice

Crab Chop A La Charles


like a crab cake only better! crabmeat bound by white sauce (cream, apple brandy, corn flour, and butter.) we add green onions, seasonings, saute and serve it with rice, lemon wedges and creole tartar sauce

Trout Amandine


fresh water trout sauteed in butter and topped with sliced almonds sauteed in lemon juice, served with new potatoes and available broiled too

Seafood Stuffed Trout


baked fresh trout stuffed with a combination of shrimp, scallops, crabmeat and crawfish tails, seasoned and dusted with bread crumbs. served with seasoned rice

Seafood Au Gratin


scallops, shrimp, crabmeat, crawfish and mushrooms sauteed in butter, sherry and seasonings, all in a rich creamy cheddar cheese sauce, served with seasoned rice

Soft Shelled Crab


delicate maryland blue crab battered in corn flour, deep fried and served with new potatoes and tartar sauce

Barbequed Shrimp


another of our best! big shell-on shrimp sautéed in butter, beer, garlic, creole seasonings and worcestershire, served over rice. this recipe’s so hot we keep it locked in fireproof safety deposit box!

Seafood Crepes


a puree of scallops, shrimp, crabmeat , crawfish and mushrooms sautéed in sherry then wrapped into three delicate crepes and topped with au gratin sauce, served with seasoned rice

Dinner Features - Poultry And Lamb

Cajun-style Lamb


(Video) French Market Express Holiday

marinated lamb shank simmered in a richly spiced tomato sauce and served over rice. if you like lamb you’ll find this generous portion to be the most tender and flavorful you’ve ever had

Honey-pecan Fried Chicken


two 4 oz. chicken breasts deep fried in spicy batter with our chef’s honey-pecan sauce and served with rice

Bourbon Street Duck


boneless and baked to a golden brown served with a fine citrus sauce and served with our special duck rice

Dinner Features - Poboys

Cajun Chicken Po'boy

  • 6" $7.39
  • 10" $10.49

Cajun Catfish Poboy

  • 6" $8.39
  • 10" $12.39

Shrimp Poboy

our leading seller

  • 6" $7.29
  • 10" $11.79

Oyster Poboy

the “peacemaker”

  • 6" $7.99
  • 10" $11.99

Soft Shell Crab Poboy

  • 6" $9.69
  • 10" $13.99

Philly Cheese Poboy

classic roast beef made new orleans style with grilled onions, green peppers, provolone cheese and just a touch of jalapeno peppers

  • 6" $6.99
  • 10" $10.99

Italian Ham And Cheese Poboy

a cold portion of ham, salami, mortadella and swiss cheese mayonnaise and a unique olive dressing. it tastes like the new orleans favorite “muffaletta.”

  • 6" $6.99
  • 10" $10.99

Shrimpaletta Poboy

chilled boiled shrimp marinated in a mustard sauce with sliced tomatoes, our homemade olive dressing and mayonnaise

  • 6" $7.99
  • 10" $11.99

Roast Beef Poboy

with mayonnaise, coleslaw, and tomato

  • 6" $6.59
  • 10" $10.59

Dinner Features - Beef

Cajun Marinated Strip Steak


12 oz. certified angus beef new york strip in a slightly spicy oil and vinegar marinade, grilled and served with new potatoes

Grilled Beef Tenderloin

we season a whole certified angus beef tenderloin, char grille it and cut 8 oz. portions. served with bearnaise sauce and new potatoes. also available in a 5 oz cut

  • $23.59
  • 5 Oz. Filet $18.99

Blackened Filet Of Beef


the beef version of our blacked grouper, featuring our 8 oz. certified angus beef tenderloin. it is hot and spicy, served with sauteed onions, bearnaise sauce and new potatoes

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Dinner Features - Combinations

West Bank Beef Duo

combination of a 5 oz. beef filet with choice of crab chop, soft shell crabs (2), shrimp, oysters, seafood crepes (2) or honey pecan chicken breast. served with new potatoes, also available with lobster tail (for a small surcharge)

  • $23.59
  • With Lobster $26.99

Seafood Platter


a most generous proportion of fried or grilled shrimp, oysters, scallops and catfish served with seasoned rice


New Orleans Bread Pudding


Frozen Peanut Butter Pie


this dessert has been voted best dessert by the readers of augusta magazine for 13 years

Chocolate Mousse


Peach Melba


Lemon Creme Cheese Pie


Turtle Pie


Homemade New York Cheesecake


Dessert Sampler


a tasting of our famous peanut butter, turtle & lemon pies

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