How music periods in school can be mental development tools rather than free periods (2023)

Music education in schools isn’t always taken seriously in India. But did you know how music education in India can help boost the mental development of children?

How music periods in school can be mental development tools rather than free periods (1)

Music education in schools isn't always taken seriously in India. But did you know how music education in India can help boost the mental development of children?

By India Today Web Desk: Education plays a very crucial role in honing the thought-process of an individual and the habit of being conscious, alert and aware of one’s duties and responsibilities is inculcated through quality education, during the formative years.

Children need to be presented with opportunities to expand their mind and be open to learning which is why, each and every parent, teacher and educational institute is relentlessly working towards achieving this common goal, by enhancing education through various channels.


Here is why music education can be a brilliant and progressive channel to promote learning aspects in children.

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Music education is the way ahead

Countless benefits are interconnected with music education. It’s a well proven fact that learning music facilitates and enhances the learning ability in children which is inevitably used in other aspects of life as well.

Music learning helps develop the motor social and emotional skills in children along with improving the overall literacy rates as well.

Learning music helps to improve the grasping power of a child -- the rhythms associated with playing music help in contraction and expansion of the walls of the cerebrum which help students grasp things very easily.

The right hemisphere of our brain deals with creativity and art while the left hemisphere deals with logic, and aspects such as science and math.

Playing a musical instrument requires you to use both the hands, since the nerve of the hands are interconnected to the brain, they help in activating regulation in both left and right hemisphere of the brain.

This enhanced regulation of both hemispheres automatically boosts the academic performance in children.

These benefits add to better morale, enthusiasm towards academics, improved focus and concentration, improved attendance resulting in improved academic performance among children.

5 benefits of music education

Music education also helps to boost the social-emotional skills and cognitive development among children. Examples of these benefits are:

1. Boosts self esteem: Participating in group activities that provide an opportunity to bond with teachers or class mates

2. Teaches cooperation and building relationships: Taking turns to share the musical instruments and exchange notes with peers can help build relationship and develop a sense of camaraderie among children.

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3. Builds erseverance: Trying to find different methods to play an instrument.

4. Gives social experience and exposure: Learning with others and participating in group activities.

5. Boosts self confidence: Being able to play a song or a tune is an achievement and that surely going to add extra points in the confidence department.

How music periods in school can be mental development tools rather than free periods (2)

What teachers think about introducing music as a serious subject

Our recent survey across schools to understand what the teaching faculty thinks about introducing music as a formal subject in the curriculum saw encouraging responses.


In this survey, we asked school teachers if they think music education is important for child development and if music education should be made a part of school curriculum.

Of the 14,000 who participated in the survey, 92% teachers replied in affirmative and think that music education is very important at a school level and it should be made an integral part of the school curriculum.
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In fact, a lot of teachers had a unified opinion about making music education mandatory in school curriculum. Being in the field of education, teachers understand the value of adding music education as a part of curriculum, because they have learnt and realized how music education can positively impact children.

The role of a teacher in the life of a child

A teacher is the captain of the ship called future on which a child embarks from a very early age. Children may forget many things once they grow up, but they seldom forget the knowledge and information imparted by their teachers.

This is why it becomes very important for every teacher to adapt to new and modern teaching methods according to the ever changing needs of the ever changing generation.

Interweaving music education with regular academics is one of the most creative ways to enhance and boost holistic learning among children.


Today many educational institutes are gaining awareness about the benefits of music education and incorporating music education in their regular curriculum.

Quite a few music schools such as Furtados School of Music etc. are working hard towards spreading awareness all over the country through their numerous music related programmes and initiatives.

Although musically speaking, a lot of ground needs to be covered, we believe that one day we will get there to see a generation that is highly evolved, efficient and churned with progressive thinking only because the grownups around them decided to introduce them to a progressive learning method called Music Education.

- Article by Dharini Upadhyaya, Co-CEO & CO-Founder, Furtados School of Music

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